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We help business excel the experience delivered to customer, employee and users.

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Customer Experience

Get Complete customer experience management services
Get complete customer experience management services. Need an expert to review your existing process, improve processes, sketch plans to prepare for future process, get help design your customer journey - HumanX is for you.


Get all contact center management services

You seek experts with domestic and international knowledge for call center, contact operations and management - HumanX helps you design the relevant program and manage small, large contact center for all your human assisted inbound, outbound, and back office processes.


Get to grow your CX and business experience with right technology
Discover technology and solutions to regularly engage with your customers, improve the processes and drive growth. Get CRM, Customer 360, Loyalty, Survey, NPS and various tools for your business.

Employee Experience

Get right paths for your employee development
Happy employees keep your customers happy. Invest on employee experience of association with your brand through appropriate development programs, trainings that help deliver better results and grow individually; we help you identify the right fit.


Get right platform to grow your network
Connect with industry and market experts, be a part of community that embraces change, challenges and inspires to bring out positive impact in the human, customer, employee and user experiences.

Why Partner with HumanX?

Access to expert

Our team expertise on the field of customer experience, and bring in industry knowledge, proven skills from domestic and international market.

Access to right information

Our team helps you find the right information to technology, skills and tools for your employee and business to grow.

Passionate to enhance experience

You are passionate to grow and our team is driven by the passion of enhancing human experience, thirsty to share their knowledge in the market, making it the right fit to connect.

Perseverance to growth

Your persistence to growth reaches the right team at HumanX that is willing to walk with you, bring in growth with right service, right tools, at the right cost.

Our Story

HumanX is preparing to support your journey of enhanced experience.

HumanX was founded to offer relevant, and meaningful service in the fast-changing market dynamics where experience of each customer, employee and user is invaluable.

Each next chapter of the HumanX story will be written as we help You to positively transform your experience.

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“I am privileged and excited, I will get the business community that values experience the most – your future customer, your future employee, your future user”

We are happy to bring smile to our customers

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